Generator Sets

No matter what size industrial generator set you require call us for a competitive quote. Rating from 10kVA to 10,000kVA using multiple large sets. Applications include Hospitals, Data Centers and Commercial Buildings. Gen Care Services are also a dealer for Olympian Generators. Olympian Generators are available in size from 10kVA to 700kVA, and are available as either a skid mounted unit, or in a complete enclosure package with acoustic attenuation.

Batteries and Chargers

The heart of any electrical system is the batteries, be it for starting or control

Gen Care Services appreciates the critical nature of these systems and, as such, has supply agreements with not only major battery manufacturers/suppliers but also supports a local battery charger manufacturer. This, coupled with our own stock holding of critical components, ensures minimum equipment downtime should a failure occur.

Acoustic Enclosures

We offer acoustic treatment for generator sets using enclosures or plant room treatment

Service Level Agreements

Gen Care Services tailors service management systems to suit our clients individual requirements. These may range from bi-monthly service agreements to those based purely on a customer's call when required. Recently contracted to maintain the emergency generator systems for a chain of large Melbourne shopping complexes, Gen Care Services has the right advice for all your generator needs, be it large or small.

Controls and PLC's

A new control panel at a Defence site replaced a system that was outdated and unreliable. A PLC controls the generator sets and the Main Switch board along with 25 transfer switches.

This picture show a control Panel at a commercial building in Melbourne. The original panel was modified with 2 new Woodward EGCP-2 controllers to provide total control and load sharing.

New Controls including PLC, graphic display screen and Woodward EGCP11, these panels control the power to a new 38 story Melbourne land mark building in Exhibition St


Gen Care Services offers a complete installation service. From design to project completion. We can supply most brands of large generator sets inc, Caterpillar, Cummins, AKSA, Detroit MTU & F G Wilson. Fuel systems including bulk fuel tank installation along with day tanks, pumps and lines Acoustic enclosures, acoustic treatment of plant rooms.

Control panels for simple installations to PLC based systems that control a large commercial building. Exhaust systems that may include large runs of S/S pipe work, exhaust purifiers and residential mufflers